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Autoimmunity and Pediatric Rheumatology Research                 

Posting expires on 12/23/2025

Research Site:
University of MInnesota - Twin Cities

Type of Research:
Basic Science


This opportunity does not have a stipend.

Research in Dr. Binstadt's lab in the University of Minnesota's Center for Immunology focuses on the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. We use models of rheumatoid arthritis to study the link between rheumatic diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus) and cardiovascular disease and also to understand how pathogenic autoantibodies provoke joint inflammation. Another active area of research is the role of "dual T cell receptor (TCR)" T cells in autoimmune diseases.

Techniques a trainee would learn while doing research in Dr. Binstadt's lab include flow cytometry, PCR, ELISA, standard histology, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence microscopy.

Dr. Binstadt is a pediatric rheumatologist. Students and residents interested in pursuing a career in this field or who are interested in small clinical projects (case reports, case series) related to pediatric rheumatology are also encouraged to contact Dr. Binstadt for advice/guidance.

Interested students and residents should contact Dr. Binstadt by email:

Trainees are encouraged to consider applying for a Preceptorship from the Rheumatology Research Foundation. Preceptorships are available for medical students, graduate, students, and residents, and include a stipend.

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Posted on 12/23/2013