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Remote Covid Study                 

Posting expires on 12/05/2021

Research Site:
717 Delaware St SE

Type of Research:


This opportunity has a stipend.

Dear MS1 to MS4's,

We are leading a multi-site placebo-controlled, double-blinded randomized clinical trial of early outpatient treatment of COVID-19 infection (  If you are an MS2, you may have heard Dr. Southern talk about this last year. 

Given the rise in cases and some advertising we have done, our team has been inundated with people enrolling. Thus, WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

This trial is remotely delivered, so you will have no in-person contact with individuals with COVID. While vaccination of everyone is critical, early outpatient treatment will still be needed (especially in parts of the world without the vaccine). 

We could use a lot of help in the next 6 weeks, starting as soon as Monday, Aug 16th. The help we need ranges from:
- coming to 717 Delaware Street SE once for 2 hours to help tape boxes and build kits
- helping out with consenting patients and following patients
- help is very much appreciated in the evenings and weekends, or during business hours. 

This trial is remotely delivered, so you will not have any contact with individuals with COVID. They enroll with us over the phone or email, and then we send them the medication and study kit through FedEx or Couriers.

Please email me, Carolyn Bramante, if you are interested! 

We have an amazing team of bright, motivated, and smart research coordinators. You will fit right in, have a great time, and hopefully learn a lot. Scholarship opportunities are also available. 

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Posted on 08/16/2021